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Posted by admin | 3D Tech,Leonar3Do | Monday 21 March 2011 17:22

Leonar3Do: Virtual Reality in 3D

Leonar3Do – The 3D Virtual Reality Kit

The first time you wear your Lenoar3Do 3D glasses and hold the bird in your hand that functions as a 3D mouse, you will have a feeling of wonder such as when a person first drives a car and feels control over the power of the engine. With Leonar3Do, you are able to control how you move within space: you can create and pull objects ‘out’ from the monitor with the cursor. As with the car, the experience is real: the control is yours, you have power over space. This alone is a unique experience, but with Leonar3Do you are capable of much more.

 Main components of the Leonar3Do Interactive Desktop VR (virtual reality) hardware:

  • A spatial input device (the ‘bird’), 3D glasses and monitor-mounted sensors.
  • The ‘bird’ operates in six degrees of freedom, which means that you can not only move any objects or the whole virtual space, but also you can rotate them.
  • 3D glasses allow users to perceive a stereoscopic image being displayed in a free air as a 3D object.
  • Visual sensors continuously track positions of both, the ‘bird’ and the glasses.
  • Application  software generates, manages, and displays virtual reality.
  • Users, even a 10-12-year-old, can create their own virtual world in space right in front of 3D monitor: they can also design in a free air, create models and parts, make new toys, design and play their own games, construct buildings using library of shapes, and much more, – all,which had been only dreamed of in the world of science fiction.