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Posted by admin | 3D Laptops,LG Laptop | Saturday 7 August 2010 18:16

LG R590 3D-Laptop

A new 3D laptop, which is based on the Intel Calpella platform and equipped with a 15.6-inch display is. The new LG R590 laptop uses an Nvidia GeForce 3D 335m GT graphics card with 1GB video memory and will be equipped with the TriDef software can convert the 2D content into 3D content. The 3D content you can watch with the polarized glasses, it is added in the package.

As a further specifications in the model follows an LG R590 Intel Core i7 processor, SRS Tru-Surround HD technology, available as a DVD drive or a Blu-ray drive and the operating system Windows 7 The new LG R590 laptop 3D will first appear in South Korea at a price of U.S. $ 1314

3D Active Shutter Glasses

To experience LG’s 3D technology you need a 2010 LG 3D-ready TV and LG’s 3D Active Shutter Glasses. The wireless glasses com- municate seamlessly with the TV via a built in emitter. The glasses themselves contain special liquid crystal lenses, which actively lighten and darken with the 3D content. The full 3D effect is cre- ated when each eye sees a slightly different image. The result is a beautiful, full HD 1080p 3D experience that brings you closer to the action from the comfort of you living room.