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Panasonic Black High Definition 3D Lens Ready Camcorder – HDC-TM90K

Appr: $539.00

Panasonic Black High Definition 3D Lens Ready Camcorder – HDCTM90K/ 16GB Built-in Memory/ Full HD 1080p/60p Video Recording/ 3D Lens Ready/ 28mm Wide-Angle Lens/ 26x Optical Zoom/ 40x Intelligent Zoom/ 3.0″ Wide LCD Monitor/ Records Onto SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Cards/ Intelligent Resolution Technology/ Crystal Engine PRO/ Black Finish.

Product Details

Panasonic Black High Definition 3D Lens Ready Camcorder, Model HDCTM90K

Captures large groups, even when shooting from up close. 28mm Wide Angle
The 28mm wide-angle* on the HD 90 Series fits more people and more of the background into the frame than conventional models. This is especially handy when you want to take a group photo in a small room. It fits your subjects in even when you shoot from up close, and makes it possible to pick up even small sounds with the mic. It also gives you entirely new ways to enjoy your camcorder, like taking self portraits or capturing sweeping landscapes without losing the sense of scale. * 35mm camera equivalent

Beautiful zoom shots of distant subjects. **New** Intelligent 40x Zoom and HYBRID O.I.S.
The HD 90 Series features an Intelligent Zoom function that goes all the way up to 40x. When using Intelligent Zoom, Intelligent Resolution technology lets you shoot at high zoom rates while preserving the image resolution. You get sharp images of highly detailed objects without the blurry edges. Plus, the HD 90 Series is equipped with HYBRID O.I.S., an image stabilizer system that corrects hand-shake blurring by combining the action of its hybrid optical and electrical image stabilization systems. Even when zooming, where hand-shake often occurs, both optical and electrical hand-shake correction make it possible to record beautiful images with approximately 2 times* the hand-shake suppressing effect as conventional models. * Compared with the HDC-SD60, HDC-TM60, and HDC-HS60.

Intricate details from Intelligent Resolution Technology. Crystal Engine PRO
The Crystal Engine PRO instantly processes the huge amount of data that goes into Full-HD images, and further enhances Full-HD quality. It produces smooth, high-resolution zoom shots even when the range exceeds the limit for optical zooming. Crystal Engine PRO clearly delineates even the tiniest details of your subject, with extremely natural beauty. In addition, its Noise Reduction (NR) technology has been completely redesigned. The low-frequency noise that occurs when recording in dim lighting has been further minimized. Compared to previous Panasonic models, noise has been reduced by approximately 45%.* And Intelligent Resolution Technology ensures sharp and crisp pictures, resulting in bright and beautifully colored motion images. * Compared with the HDC-SD60, HDC-TM60, and HDC-HS60.

Sharpens details and enhances smooth areas. Intelligent Resolution Technology
The Intelligent Resolution Technology incorporated in the new Crystal Engine PRO uses edge detection technology to confirm the edges of objects within the image, then emphasizes the edges for optimal clarity. For example, it brings crisp definition to patterns and the outlines of objects like flowers. Conversely, it reduces noise and enhances the natural smoothness of parts without edges, like the sky. The increased sharpness is especially effective for images with delicate details. This highly advanced technology maximizes the beauty of Full-HD images.

Shooting Functions Easily save important scenes in 3D. 3D Image Recording*
When the 3D Conversion Lens is attached, the HD 90 Series produces an effect called visual disparity. Right and left images are captured simultaneously by the two lenses, and recorded using the side-by-side method. To play back 3D videos, simply insert an SD Memory Card in the slot of a Panasonic VIERA 3DTV.** Or you can use an HDMI mini cable to connect the camcorder to a VIERA 3DTV or another 3D TV that is compatible with the side-by-side method. * The optional VW-CLT1 3D Conversion Lens is required for shooting 3D images. ** Some models of VIERA 3DTV may require a firmware update to play 3D images from an SD card.

Makes optimal settings automatically for both motion and still images. iA (Intelligent Auto)
This powerful function senses the shooting conditions and automatically makes the settings and activates functions that will deliver optimal results. With both motion and still images, iA does the bothersome settings for you and makes it easy to capture beautiful, well-focused images. * The functions included in iA may not be applied when conditions do not call for them.

Blur-free zooming and shooting on the move. **New** HYBRID O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer)
HYBRID O.I.S. corrects hand-shake blurring by combining the action of its hybrid optical and electrical image stabilization systems. Even when zooming, where hand-shake often occurs, both optical and electrical hand-shake correction make it possible to record beautiful images with approximately 2 times* the hand-shake suppressing effect as conventional models. * Compared with the HDC-SD60, HDC-TM60, and HDC-HS60.

Active Mode
Active mode comes in handy when shooting while walking or playing with your children. The wide correction area corrects even relatively large hand-shake motion. It’s especially good for active video shooting.


  • Records Onto: Built-in memory (16GB), SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card
  • Recording Format: JPEG
  • Image Sensor (Total): 1/4.1″ MOS
  • Total Pixels: 3.32 megapixels
  • F Value: F1.8(WIDE) / 3.5(TELE)
  • Optical Zoom: 21x
  • Intelligent Zoom: 40x
  • Intelligent Zoom OFF: 26x
  • Digital Zoom: 1 60x / 1500x (The maximum value of zoom magnification)
  • Focal Length: 2.82-59.2mm
  • Filter Diameter: 41.5mm (When attached to a step-up ring)
  • 35mm Film Camera Equivalent: 28.0-729mm (16:9) [Motion Image] 31.7-730mm (3:2), 28.0-729mm (16:9), 34.2-729mm (4:3) [Still Image]
  • Lens Type: Panasonic
  • Image Stabilizer: HYBRID O.I.S. [Optical Image Stabilizer]
  • Still Picture Recording:4:3: 5.0 megapixels (2592 x 1944) , 1.9 megapixels (1600 x 1200) , .3megapixels (640 x 480) [4:3]
  • Still Picture Recording:3:2: 4.8 megapixels (2688 x 1792) , 1.9 megapixels (1680 x 1120) [3:2]
  • Still Picture Recording:16:9: 4.5 megapixels (2816 x 1584) , 2.1 megapixels (1920 x 1080) [16:9]
  • Shutter Speed: Motion Image [60i / 60p] Auto Slow Shutter ON : 1/30-1/8000 OFF : 1/60-1/8000 Shutter Speed: Still Image 1/2-1/2000, video flash: 1/2-1/500
  • Minimum Illumination: 4.0 lx (1/30 Low Light scene mode) 1 lx (Color Night Rec)
  • Standard Illumination: 1400 lx
  • Focus: Auto/Manual
  • White Balance: Auto/Indoor1/Indoor2/Sunny/Cloudy/White Set
  • Iris: Auto/Manual
  • Backlight Compensation: Yes
  • LCD Monitor: 3.0″ WideLCD (230,400 dots)
  • Simultaneous Recording: 4.5 megapixels (2816 x 1584) , 2.1 megapixels (1920×1080) [16:9]
  • Creating Still Picture from Motion Picture: 2.1 M (1920 x 1080) [16:9]
  • Microphone: 2-ch Stereo, Zoom Microphone
  • Speaker: Dynamic type
  • On-Screen Display Language: English / French / Spanish
  • LED Video Light: Yes
  • Flash: Yes
  • Media Remaining Indication: Yes
  • Signal System: 1080 / 60p, 1080 / 60i, 540 / 30p
  • Recording Mode: 1080/60p (28Mbps/VBR),(1920×1080) HA(17Mbps/VBR),(1920×1080) HG(13Mbps/VBR),(1920×1080) HX(9Mbps/VBR),(1920×1080) HE(5Mbps/VBR),(1920×1080)
  • Playback Mode: 1080 / 60p (28Mbps / VBR), (1920 x 1080) HA (17Mbps / VBR) , (1920 x 1080) HG (13Mbps / VBR) , (1920 x 1080) HX (9Mbps / VBR) , (1920 x 1080) HE (5Mbps / VBR) , (1920 x 1080) iFrame (28Mbps / VBR) , (960 x 540)
  • Image Sensor (Effective)-Motion Image: 1.94 megapixels – 2.61 megapixels [16:9]
  • Image Sensor (Effective)-Still Image: 2.09 megapixels- 2.52 megapixels [3:2] 1.94 megapixels – 2.61 megapixels [16:9] 2.18 megapixels – 2.24 megapixels [4:3]
  • Compression (Recording Format): MPEG4-AVC/H.264 (AVCHD standard compliant) iFrame : MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC file format compliant (.MP4))
  • Audio Compression: 1080 / 60p / HA / HG / HX / HE : Dolby Digital (5.1ch) iFrame : AAC (2ch)
  • DPOF: Max. 999 images
  • HDMI: Yes (mini)
  • USB: 2.0 Hi-Speed
  • Microphone (stereo mini): Yes
  • Accessory Shoe: Yes (Cold)
  • AC Adaptor: Yes
  • USB Cable: Yes
  • Stylus Pen: Yes
  • Included Software: HD Writer AE 3.0
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack: min. 1790 mAh / Lithium-Ion
  • Power Supply: DC3.6V / 5.0V
  • Power Consumption: Max. 5.2W (Recording) / Max. 7.7W (Charging)
  • AV Multi: Yes
  • AV Multi Cable: Yes
  • AC Cable: Yes
  • DC Cable: included AC Adaptor
  • Shoe adaptor: Yes
  • F Value (with 3D Conversion Lens (VW-CLT1)): F3.3
  • Focal Length (with 3D Conversion Lens (VW-CLT1)): 2.3mm
  • 35mm Film camera Equivalent (with 3D Conversion Lens (VW-CLT1)): 58mm (16:9) [Motion Image]
  • Minimum Illumination (with 3D Conversion Lens (VW-CLT1)): 28 lx (1/30)
  • STANDARD ACCESSORIES (with 3D Conversion Lens (VW-CLT1)): Lens Front Cap, Lens Rear Cap, Lens Pouch

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Camcorder:
    • Height: 2.48″
    • Width: 1.99″
    • Depth: 4.67″

Approximate Weight:

  • Shipping: 3 lbs

Warranty Information:

  • Manufacturer Warranty (authorized online retailer): One Year Parts And Labor


  1. As digital magnification increases, resolution significantly decreases